BEWARE OF SAMPLES FROM PEAK LIFE OF CHATANOOGA, TENN! I ordered free sample of Somnapore natural sleep aid.

Paid shipping only $4.95. A month later I received in the mail a full bottle (I didn't want or order). They had deducted $74.98 from my credit card. I called them and demanded my money returned to my credit card.

There policy is to refund price of pills only, $69.99 upon return.

They refused to return $4.95 shipping and I had to pay $1.53 shipping + $1.20 for verification. Of course I wanted the verification because a company with those kind of practices would most likely deny getting the returned pills.

That cost me a total of $7.68 and the worry over them having and using my credit card.

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I do not recall why and when I ordered sleeping help. I must have been sleeping.

I received the surprised plastic back today Occtober 27 at 4PM by postal deliverer, and I shall return it tomorrow for full refund.


Do not have anything to do with this Company it is a complete SCAM.The pills did nothing to improve my sleep and gave me headaches. They have now sent me a second lot I did not ask for and STOLEN money from my credit card without my consent.I will contact my credit card company and instruct them to make no further payments and ask for my money back.


If you are ordering and paying for what they are promoting in their ad "a free sample that all you have to pay is shipping" why can they slip in there that you are signed up and they will take more money and ship more products unless you cancel. I called and cancelled 8 a.m.

on a Monday morning and they swore it had shipped the day before. I don't know of any place where USPS ships or accepts packages on a Sunday. The package I got was scanned in at the post office the day after I had called to cancel. If they are signing you up for the program and you have to call and cancel put that in the ad other places do.

Don't advertise a free sample just pay shipping. This is a MAJOR SCAM and should be stopped


I too was charged 74.98 for a sleep aid that did not work. I was happy to pay the shipping of 2.99 originally.

My Doc said to give it a shot. I was never directed to the full web site to see the total price. I would have never done this because I am on disability and that amount is 2 weeks of food. I will now have to pay almost 15 dollars for shipping plus the original 3.

I went on the site to see if there was possibly anything about receiving more pills after the trial. I found it! It was white text blended in with white clouds! That was easy to read!!!

I had looked everywhere before. I'm upset. I sent the pills back and got confirmation they have been received but still don't have my money. The customer service rep was nice but I'm sorry I got mixed up with the company.

I'm done with all this stuff. Drug store here I come and I guess I'll still be watching old movies and reading all night.


I too had an additional charge to my Credit card for a shipment that I "Return to Sender Not Ordered " and mailed. Followed this up with three emails for credit to be applied to my credit card, and have yet to receive a reply.


I had the same experience with Peak Life. Now I have to get my credit card changed.

This is the type of SCAM company that is ruining online shopping. :cry


I'm sorry that the process took so long and there are errors in any company you deal with but i assure you the company does everything by the book to the "T" and customer service is very important to them. So again I apologize for any inconvenience. Have a great day


You are right I should have read the ad closer. But even after I jumped through all their hoops, they took money out the next month.

I called again and it still took them another week to put the money for both months, less my shipping fees, back in my account. Oh and the second month they did not even send the pills.


7.98 holey buckets maybe if you had read the terms and conditons you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble

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