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I am getting older and have put on some weight... recently I have begun exercising again but my knees get really stiff and sore. So I did some digging and found the Peak Life Joint pills.

I did some due diligence. I read reviews about the company on this site and was immediately really worried and skeptical. But I dug in, researching all the ingredients listed in the product and they are all legit with actually very good indicators as far as joint health goes.

So, I purchased a 15 day supplement of Peak Life Joint from I was worried about getting ripped off with the extra bottle charges people are talking about on here but that did not happen to me. In fact I did a little digging and found out that all these people complaining are just not reading the "fine print" on those other products. It even tells you to call and cancel within x days... bla bla bla anyway - i have been taking the supplement for about 10 days now and - holy ***! it seems to be working... my joints are actually feeling more normal even with my crappy running on the treadmill.

I am going to keep this going - will definitely get the but 2 get 1 free bottle thing...

anyway - I am sure it was annoying to get billed on that free trial stuff these other people are *** and moaning about but all you have to do is read what it tells you to do... hurdur.... anyway woot to healthy joints!

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