We are SO sorry for any confusion about the trial offer. Please call 1-877-869-3304 to speak with customer support. The representatives will be there to sort out any issues you may have with the trial offer immediately! Thank you.

To learn more about the different products, please visit the official website at peaklife.com. To learn specifically about the sleep aid, please visit somnapure.com. You can also visit the brand's review's site (somnapure.com/reviews) facebook page, and twitter feed to see what other people are saying about the products.

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Peak Life

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Coram, New York, United States #1244167

This company is dispicable DO NOT Order their sample they continue to charge your card!!! Whe.

You try to call customer service number a recording goes on and on about their products and they never pick up!! I will be reporting them to the BBB!!!


Severely dishonest business practice! Completely unaware that I had "signed on" for additional shipments & charges to my bank account, this company & their partners effectively STOLE 100 dollars from me that I needed for my families survival.

I will never do business with them again and strongly urge anyone considering it to think again. That I had to pay shipping for my "free sample" was bad enough but then after returning unopened; unordered products they sent & charged me for; they are trying to keep the S&H from that?!?! Insanity I say! Do not do business with this company online.

If you desire their product, I suggest you go to your local GNC, far more reputable and up front than this company and their deceptive online "business" activities. Shame on you!


I also have been duped. After receiving repeated deliveries of a product that I had decided to cancel, my bank continued to pay each month in spite of my repeated request to them not to pay.

Of course, I now find out that the bank realizes that I have (unwittingly) signed on for ever for something that I do not want so they continue to pay. Unfortunately, the bank suggested cancelling the bankcard as a way of stopping the payments and this proved completely ineffective. The bank did not tell me that I was still signed up and so needed to cancel the order directly.

Now I am about to phone America from Australia in order to stop this unwanted product.

Also, notice the total absence of an e-mail address where cancellations can be sent. An oversight?

No more ordering of anything via the internet from me- forever


I do not want ant more pills sent to me. Or money taken out of my account, thank you. *** off

Krystal craven.


i am trying to reach you and all i get is your pitch about your products. I want to cancel my order of peaklife prostrate and since it delayed i might as well cancel it if i could reach a representative my name is Mike Binder and could someone there look up my order and cancel it . please


I spoke with a CSR named Daniel today.

After receiving my free sample of somnapure and was. told I only had to pay shipping ..

Sure enough I received another supply and my card was charged $39.99. When speaking to Daniel he became arrogant and comical thinking the situation was funny.. He was covering his mouth to cover his laughing.. Who hires people like this and what kind of company is this?


Good luck Daniel with your career at peak life! Lol..


Of the 13 similar businesses in the Boston Better Business bureau, Peak Life ranks last with more complaints that the other 12 combined. Look it up.


Congratulations, Peak Life. You turned a satisfied customer into one who will never order from you again or refer anyone to you.

I cancelled auto ship, well under the 18 day timeline, due to my erratic income. They were resistant to doing this and put me on hold for a long time, after waiting a long time to even speak with someone. They finally get back to me with a "suggestion", which I halted. Disrespectful and condescending to assume you know my situation better than I do.

Do what I ask, in a timely and professional way.

Never again. L Culpepper


J.E. ODIASE, Your company just fraudulently withdrew $44.98 from my bank account.

Please return my money immediately.I do not want or need your medicine. The agreement was that if I liked it, I will call to re order.

I need my money today so refund now. What the heck!


all i wanted was a free sample in australia which cost me $7 or $8.20 american, then they automatically deducted $75 australian . so pissed of i did not want anymore.

they did not work in the first place. they should not auto deduct from my visa card. the whole idea is a sample.... if you want more then that would be fine.

but i did not want anymore.

what a rip off....


I just ordered a free sample . I will call them tomorrow and cancel.

What a rip off. They should be fined for scamming people. I will call the Better Business Bureau.

In fact I will write to them. I hate scammers.


Auto renew and auto ship without warning make me want to blow these bastards up.



I agree completely. I had no idea they were going to "autoship" since sleeping assist medication is NOT taken every evening, st least me anyway.

The sample is enough to last me for 2 to 3 months, and I had another brand to finish first. They can be assured I will never try their product again. I did call and am returning the product - but am still being charged for shipping - which is also a rip. It's coming up to Christmas, and I don't need another $75.00 taken out of my account that was not expected or requested.

I am thinking of writing the Iowa Attorney

General about this sort of thing, and asking the Iowa General Assembly to pass legislation against this kind of "sutoship". I am a former legislator, so I think I can get that job done!!


What deceptive advertising and marketing practices. If the product was half good and they were not so greedy they could build a customer folowing instead of upsetting people.

Nothing is free.


:( I got scammed by this company too and am very unhappy about it.. You have NO authorization whatsoever to go into my credit card and charge me 75.00.

This is bad business and I want a refund. These Somnapure pills are for the birds...They gave my heart palpitations and a terrible feeling of nervousness.

My doctor was angry with me for getting the sample. I would never order any products from this company ever again!


I just got home from a business trip and found otu that I got sent another bottle as well? But I called the CS # and spoke with a "wade" he took my info and said he owuld cancel the order and even let me renturn to sender the product , only because it did not work for me, we shall see how this goes..


Well they got me too. I am furious.

I just had 75.00 taken out of my checking account by these people. From what I am reading about them I am going to have to close it because they keep taking money out.


Well they got me too. I am furious.

I just had 75.00 taken out of my checking account by these people. From what I am reading about them I am going to have to close it because they keep taking money out.


I gotta tell u like the others charging people on their credit card without their authority should be a severe penality in these tough times. You folks should be embarrssed and that *** about it being there where put you credit card in for shipping is horsecrap it has to be microscopic because it aint there.

I settled for a $40 discount to avoid the hassles of paying for shipping and going out and doing it a big pain in the ***.

No one wants autoshipment unless they authorize it. Poor business practice folks this is how u lose customers and they pass on the word to friends and family and then you will have no customers so wake up and stop the scamming....

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