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I was just about to pay for the shipping of my free 14 day trial of Peak Life Prostate and then I read the Terms on the ordering page, you know the page where you enter your credit card info...see attached pic, so probably a good idea to read the Terms...right...there you find out about the auto order agreement and how to cancel in 18 days or you just agreed to the Terms...however you don't have to bother reading can just file a complaint later on this website right...and then the company would say you didn't read the Terms right...yep!

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #905759

this could never happen in the USA because all the law makers are sleeping with these companies such as cable,phone... i just got "f - - ked be Direct tv & Sprint, i cannot believe the *** these companies get away with

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #905757

just by reading their promo policy you can see the are a bunch of f - - king crooks. like all the others you see everywhere on the the "sin" sational internet. maybe ther internet is the creation of the "devil" and i am not a religious person


Don't know about the law in your area, but in Canada, this kind of business practice was termed 'negative marketing' and was tried by some major companies (like cable / phone) many years ago. It generated such a huge customer sat.

issues and complains to the law makers, who finally made it 'illegal' for companies to continued !!!

Windsor, Ontario, Canada #738710

Boy! Did I ever *** on this one.Like a fool I gave them my CC number and got 2 shipments which I did not order.I called the company and they explained that is clearly stated on the sample order form that future orders must be cancelled within 18 days or they just keep sending more every 30 days.

I prepared a fake reorder and sure enough,there it is in fine print.

I told them the product doesn't work and they said I didn't give it enough time to work.I explained I did not want any further orders sent unless I requested.

They agreed to stop sending and to reduce my cost.Supposedly I am to get a credit on my MC.Will wait and see.

Forced selling is the name of the game and I am afraid I didn't follow the Motto "Buyer Beware"

What do I do with 120 pills that are useless?

Columbus, Ohio, United States #720157

Yep, a real scam. Ordered and paid a shipping fee for a sample and then kept getting renewals charged to my card.

I am calling the Attorney General tomorrow and filing a complaint as well as to call my bank and have the charges reversed and stopped. And, other than being pissed off, I still pee as I did before the scam pills.

Sanford, North Carolina, United States #713643

I found out the hard way... :zzz :cry


Thanks for the post, keeps me away for sure.


Thanks for keeping informed :-)


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