PeakLife is a company that offers a free 14 day trial of certain of their products, including Somnapure, a 'natural sleep aid. They profess to need your credit card only for the cost of the postage.

But before you know it, you will be charged almost 75 dollars for a product you never ordered. And this charge will recur month after month until you realize what is happening. It appears that they are also related in some way with GNC also, which does not speak very well of that company either. I suggest that if you have been a victim of PeakLife's scam, you spread the word about these people in as many sites as you can.

Most importantly, be very wary of any so called free trials.

This was a big lesson for me; I'll never accept anything for 'free' online again. Thanks.

Review about: Peak Life Free Trial.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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Wow -- so I just received a bottle of 60 pills that I did not order. They took 75.00 from my credit card which was unauthorized. Free sample my *** -- DO NOT ORDER PEAK - LIFE!!!


I've read several similar complaints and have experienced this once in the past myself, I just caceled my order because of the complaints and it went pretty smooth. I even got the cancel confirmation email while I was still on the phone with them, however they did try 3 or 4 different sales gimmicks to get me not to cancel, didn't work.


I purchased the trial offer at 2.99 and two weeks later(today) received 60 tabs at a cost of 74.98(unordered).this is a fraudelent practice that the atty. general of the state of florida should look at.GNC should be ashamed to have their name associated with Peak Life!!

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